Boating on Deep Creek Lake

Boating is a popular pastime on Deep Creek Lake. It allows you to explore the waters of the lake from a different point of view. Whether you plan to rent a boat or bring your own, browse our information below to help you make your boating trip on Deep Creek Lake your best trip yet!

Silver Tree Marine on Deep Creek Lake

On-Site Marina

Silver Tree Marine is our on-site marina. They offer pontoon, speed boat, and watersports rentals. You can learn more information about Silver Tree Marine and how to book your rental here.

Summer at Deep Creek Lake

Boat Launch

Planning to bring your own boat? You can launch it at Deep Creek Lake State Park boat ramp for a fee. The boat ramp is located in the center of the lake which makes it convenient when travelling to popular areas by boat. 

Navigating the Lake

Deep Creek Lake is owned by the State of Maryland and falls under the management of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources. Whether you are planning to rent a boat, or bring your own, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and be courteous for other boaters on the water. Driving a boat on the water is like driving a car on the road. Make sure to follow common steps when getting ready to take the boat out for the day. Having a list to make sure everything runs smooth and safe on the boat can help prevent problems and make the day more enjoyable. Be sure you and your passengers are aware of the rules before heading out on the water. This is key when having a fun day on the lake!


Since each state and lake can have different regulations and laws for watercraft, we recommend researching these rules before you plan to rent a boat or launch your own.



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